Transform Your Hair Care Routine from Ordinary & Wasteful to Classy & Organic

Transform Your Hair Care Routine from Ordinary & Wasteful to Classy & Organic

Transform Your Hair Care Routine with these great tips & recipes

I’m excited to share with you these great low-waste, organic hair tricks to add to your hair care routine. You can be inspired to cut down on excess waste and have your hair stop breaking from chemicals and excess heat.


I have been on a low-waste, organic hair routine for some time now. I have used these tips and tricks for organic, natural, low-waste hair care for many years, and I got to say, I will never go back to chemicals and excess waste ever again. My hair is healthy and long. Every salon I’ve been to is always surprised with how healthy my hair is when they cut my hair. I feel incredibly blessed to have these tips and tricks below for healthy, organic, low-waste hair care to share with you.

Many factors can influence the health of your hair especially your hair type. Not all these tips and tricks for organic, low-waste hair ideas will work for everyone. Consider this when reading this article entirely.

I also wrote this blog post because many products that claim to be organic, all-natural, chemical-free are extremely greenwashed. They disguise harmful chemicals as “good” chemicals. These products don’t do you or the planet any favors and keep you in a loop of continuous consumption of the product.

I’m excited to share with you these great low-waste, organic hair tricks to add to your new hair care routine so you can be inspired to cut down on excess waste and have your hair stop breaking from chemicals and excess heat. You won’t be disappointed with these organic, low waste hair care swaps and you should see results in a couple of months or sooner. You will have healthier hair that shows the difference with these organic, low-waste ideas and recipes!

I don’t know the effects on chemical treated hair when switching to some of these organic, low waste hair care tips and recipes. You may want to consult with an experience, natural specified hair stylist before starting some of these suggestions. I haven’t ever dyed my hair with chemical treatments, so I have virgin hair you could say, it may be why I have such great results. Consider these things when proceeding with an organic, low waste hair care routine.

These organic, low-waste hair care ideas have only been tested on me by me. My hair is wavy, thicker towards the ends and naturally gets oil at the roots after a few days without a wash. If your hair is thick, kinky, curly beautiful hair, not all these tricks and tips will work, especially for brushing.  

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner + Recipe

This organic apple cider conditioner is something I have been doing for three plus years. I have been spotting the ratio intuitively for some time now but here is a simple recipe you can get together in minutes.

You’ll need:


  • Pour together and place in a cup.

  • Before you shampoo your hair, place the liquid over your hair and let sit for about a minute.

  • You can double the recipe and put it in a glass spray bottle.

That is all that it takes! It’s that simple. I personal do this treatment right before shampoo.

Bamboo Brush

I love my bamboo brush. I won’t go back. It is my favorite hair care tool, and it keeps my hair soft and free of breakage. Plastic brushes aren’t only bad for our planet but super crap for our hair.

The stiff material of a plastic brush causes breakages and static. It’s a no-brainer to switch to wood or bamboo when brushing your hair. Here are some of my go-to plastic free, organic wood or bamboo brushes.

You can find many other products like this with my free ebook when you sign up for my newsletter.

Organic Shampoo Bar

Organic shampoo bars are one I haven’t experimented so much with but I plan to when my organic shampoo runs out in the bottle. I have more experience with baking soda washes. I enjoyed this way of cleaning my hair, but my hair stylist strongly suggested I stopped using baking soda since it is to alkaline for the hair.

You can find organic shampoo bars on Etsy or from local artisans. Here are some you can get right off Amazon.

Homemade Hair Spray

I was trying a new do a while back and was refusing to buy chemical ridden hairspray. In result to my strong opposition, I made a hairspray with the things I had on hand. Here is an excellent recipe for a homemade hairspray that smells better, is better for you and the environment and only takes 20 minutes or less to get together.

You’ll need:


1.      Boil water and gradually add the sugar until dissolved

2.      Allow to cool to room temp and add alcohol, organic aloe vera and essential oils.

3.      Store in a glass spray bottle or recycle one you may already have and use like regular hairspray.

This hairspray is for a flexible hold. It won't get you to 80’s do status, but It will get you more forgiving results.

Ditch the High Heat Hair Tools

Going all natural and switching out high heat hair tools is a great way to keep your hair from damage.

I have been air drying my hair for some time now, and It may not get me the exact look or a blow out that I desire now, but I let my hair stylist handle that when I get a cut. My hair now has found its feel and waves that I really love and personally, it doesn’t bother me either way.

A blow out feels good occasionally, but that is great for a treat or special occasion.

My ends are smooth and healthy, and I have no heat damage.

It’s also a plus for your electric bill and the environment. High heat hair tools do a toll on the electric bill each month, and it is a no-brainer that affects the planet if you are not using renewable energy to heat those babes.

Skip the highlights and hair dye

I know people go with organic hair dying, but I love the look of natural hair. If you don’t enjoy your natural hair color, I strongly suggest going to an organic salon that specializes in organic, more natural hair dye or try dying your hair with henna. It just isn’t my thing, but I know going all natural isn’t ideal for everyone.

Dying your hair can dry your hair and cause breakages, hair loss, and more. The chemicals in some hair dyes can be linked to cancer as well.

Here is a great blog post by Little Things on the seven reasons you should ditch dying your hair immediately.

If you want some all natural, organic highlights, try using organic lemon juice. Here is a recipe that can help get your hair naturally lighter in color.

Get a cut every few months for longer hair

Getting your haircut every few months is what every hairdresser has probably told you. I got to say, it works for me and isn’t some scam to get you to pay them more for cutting your hair.

In 2014 I shaved my head. Yes, I shaved it all off and was having a ‘2007 Britney Spears’ moment in life. That said it was the best thing I have ever done for my growth as a person and well, my hair. My hair has never been more healthy & happy since probably being a child with fresh, natural hair growth. It has found its volume, and waves, highlights and almost no split ends. I have amazing natural highlights as well.

When growing out my hair, I kept it cut, went no-poo (have since started using shampoo) and used apple cider vinegar vinegar. I’m not saying shaving your head is the answer but try getting your haircut more often and you’ll find your hair grows much faster and the health of those locks will increase dramatically.

Use Beard oil on ends – Yes you read that correctly

Using an organic beard oil is something I do when my hair seems to want to take a turn for the worst. Usually, it is my fault, and I fall asleep with it in a bun. To get th hair relaxed and not so out of control I put a bit of Badgers Organic Beard Oil for men. It smells like goodness and works like a champ to get my hair looking respectable to be seen in public again. I swear by this stuff.

If you are feeling thrifty, you can make beard oil yourself, and if you have a partner with some extra hair on their face, the’ll love it too. Here is a simple, organic beard oil recipe.



  • Rub on the ends of hair or any place that needs to be tamed.

Make your Own dry shampoo

Somedays I say no to a shower when my hair is looking like it needs a wash. I go for dry shampoo at this point and sometimes I only use a bit of cornstarch if I ran out of the goods. Here is a simple recipe for dry shampoo, including brunettes like myself.

You’ll need:

1/4 cup organic arrowroot powder or organic cornstarch (Add 2 tablespoons of organic cacao if you have darker hair)

Five drops of organic essential oil of choice (If you don’t already have an organic essential oil you love, here is sample variety pack)

An old makeup brush to apply


Mix the drops of essential oil into the arrowroot or cornstarch and with a spoon. Store the mixture in a small glass jar or old, empty powder container you can upcycle.

Apply the dry shampoo with an old makeup brush to the oily parts and roots of your hair. The makeup brush application is optional, but it makes it easier to blend in the powder, so it doesn’t show as much. You can add the dry shampoo to your wooden hairbrush and apply that way as well.

Bonus Tips:

If you have darker hair and apply the dry shampoo the night before or two hours before going out, you can avoid adding cacao powder.

If you’d like to skip the DIY and instead would purchase, this Acure Dry Shampoo (comes in a darker shade for brunettes) is also excellent.

Eat these six organic, vegan foods for healthy, gorgeous locks

There are factors which dictate how your hair looks and feels. These can include genetics, your environment and, your diet.

Some people believe that taking care of your hair first starts with your diet.

Here are six foods that will help your hair look amazing

Organic Lentils

Organic lentils have loads of zinc and biotin. These two elements combine, they are superstars to strengthen hair from the roots, making it thicker and more robust.

Organic Almonds & Almond Butter, Almond Flour

Almonds are one of the ultimate hair-friendly foods. Hair is mostly protein, and both our skin and hair do exceptionally well with vitamin E. Almonds are excellent choices for getting both protein and vitamin E in our systems. Experts say a tablespoon a day or organic almond butter will be enough to help strengthen new hair as it grows out.

Organic Oatmeal

Organic oats are high in omega-3 fatty acids,  fiber, and zinc. This cocktail of essential vitamins and minerals is especially suitable for you if you struggle with thin or weak hair. Buy organic whenever possible.

Organic Spinach

Spinach is known to have hair essentials such as zinc, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Spinach also helps sebum, which provides a natural lubricant for hair. Spinach is a fantastic superfood, and we all should be eating more of it and especially for our hair.

Organic Sweet potatoes

The beta-carotene in sweet potatoes is an excellent defense against dry, dull hair. You can find great Sweet Potato recipes on my plant-based vegan board on Pinterest.

Organic Nuts and Seeds

Like almonds, other nuts and seeds have a significant number of vitamins and minerals that our hair loves. Protein and omega-3 fatty acids are also present in organic nuts and seeds.

Few Supplements for Healthier Hair

Taking supplements for healthier hair is also an option. The ones aimed for healthy hair can be a bit overpriced though they work great. Look for these basics in a supplement and make sure it is vegan & humane with reputable certifications:

  • Biotin

  • Vitamin A

  • Vitamin E

  • Iron

  • Calcium

Here is a great vegan hair supplement that is all in one.

Good hair is unique to individuals and requires much more research when it comes to a personal care routine. If anything I hope this blog inspired you to make more sustainable choices and eat a rich, plant-based diet. Let me know what you enjoyed from this article and if you’d like me to write about anything like this again.

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