Turn Heads at Your New Years Party With This Timeless, Ethical Brand

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Doyenne the Label

Turn Heads at Your New Years Party With This timeless, Ethical Brand

Recently I discovered Doyenne the Label from one of my favorite musicians, Elizabeth Moen. Elizabeth sent a few shoutouts to Doyenne for her amazing outfit pieces on Instagram, and I was totally enthralled. I was so excited when I saw that they were ethically sourcing their silks and were 100% about sustainable fashion plus their garments are sexy as hell.

I also featured Doyenne in my blog post, “12 Small, Eco-Conscious & Cruelty-Free Based Businesses to Support While Holiday Shopping”.

Doyenne the Label is a collaboration with sisters, Aysha and Emily Wofford.  They were raised in a family of artists and musicians. They were encouraged to explore their creativity and self-expression.

Aysha took the road less traveled and moved to the island of Kauai after high school.  She became enchanted by the beauty and rhythms of island life, where she pursued photography and fell in love with surfing.

Emily studied art and film at New York University.  She lived in constant inspiration with her hummingbird-like curiosity for everything the city had to offer, from her passion for culinary decadence to her love of movement and sensuality. 

Their lives were as different as possible,  but they used these complementary experiences to create a sense of harmony and intimacy which they used as the cornerstone of their brand.

Doyenne the Label is for the woman who walks into a room and makes her environment more beautiful.  It is for the daring woman, who take risks. Born out of a belief that beauty does not have to compromise comfort, Doyenne silks are for the relaxed woman who is lounging around the house, grabbing drinks with friends, or working late at the office.    

The Doyenne line is of silk basics, timeless and effortless.  Made of luxurious 100% washed silk, with french seams and exceptional attention to detail. They can be worn anywhere, from New York to Kauai. The modern woman has no barriers.  There is no longer city style or island style; there is only her style.  Doyenne is designed and created with love for, and by, modern women. 

Doyenne is synonymous with grace, elegance, and strength. The definition of the word doyenne is a woman who is the most respected or prominent person in her field. These delectable silks are made for every woman who is bold enough to take on the world with her femininity, steadily becoming the doyenne of her ever-blossoming life.   

If you are looking to turn heads, feel sexy, look flawless and tap into your style without wearing much at all Doyenne the Label has the pieces you are dying to try. This brand has nailed slow, ethical fashion in the simplest way.

To make significant strides sustainably, we ultimately need to cut down on purchasing clothes we do not need. Buying small beautiful garments from companies that have strong ethics and are making changes within their company for a better planet. That is precisely the best way to help cut out excess waste. We need to have fewer pieces and more well, designed, successfully crafted, strong staples. Doyenne is embodying all of this. You can wear Doyenne dressed up and down. I personally totally vibe with the more simple the piece, the more beautiful the outfit.

When you purchase from Doyenne 5% of their profits, go to a non-profit organization helping to create a cleaner and more sustainable planet.

The Wild Conservation Society

With a mission to save wildlife and wild places worldwide through science, conservation action, education, and inspiring people to value nature.

Ocean Conservancy

With a mission to promote healthy and diverse ocean ecosystems, and to oppose practices that threaten oceanic & human life.

Amazon Conservation Association

With a mission to unite science, innovation, & community to protect the western Amazon--the most magnificent wild forest on earth.

African Wildlife Foundation

With a mission to work to ensure the wildlife & wild lands of Africa will endure forever. AWF is the leading international conservation organization focused solely on Africa. 

I was so excited about Doyenne the Label and all the amazing clothing pieces that they have that I reached out to see if I could offer my readers a special discount for the New Years parties coming up. They kindly gave us a 20% off code (Code ended January 1st. 2019, I hope to do another offer eventually.) for the rest of the year. I can’t recommend them enough. This style will catch everyone’s eyes and get you stopped on the street asking where you got your silk.

You can feel good about referring people to Doyenne. They have strong desires to keep their silks ethical and sustainable.

Eco-Friendly Silk

One of the many reasons they love silk at Doyenne is how it is organically biodegradable, which means it won't be sitting in a landfill for hundreds of years.  Unlike polyester, which does not decompose naturally and now makes up over 60% of the garments of the world.  Tiny fibers are released from polyester each time it is washed, polluting our rivers, oceans and finding their way into our food, soil and eventually our bodies.  Not to mention that the CO2 emissions caused by making polyester are nearly three times those of cotton and other natural materials like silk. Almost every stage of the silk-making process is utilized to create something else.  Oils are pressed from the un-spun silk cocoons to make soaps and other beauty products, and the dead silkworms are used to feed livestock or to fertilize the soil.

Silk is the closest natural protein fiber to human skin and contains the skins same pH balance, making it hypoallergenic. 

These qualities help regulate body temperature and reduce perspiration.  Silk can absorb over 30% of its weight in humidity and yet not feel wet.

Because of silks similarity with our skin, and due to its remarkable molecular structure, silk helps naturally regulate the bodies climate.  Helping cool us in the summer and warming us in the winter. 

Doyenne Silk

To create the luxurious silk pieces of Doyenne, Emily & Aysha knew the quality was of the utmost importance. Therefore they spent years sourcing the highest quality silk.  They were looking for effortlessly soft silk with an understated sheen — silk with strength and durability to reduce snagging, static and clinging, but most importantly, silk chosen to compliment the beauty and power of the woman wearing it.  

Ancient China is the birthplace of silk - anthropologists have even discovered silk fabrics dating more than 8500 years ago - they went straight to the source for their pure silk & found it.  

After searching the country, they found a small, family-owned, silk manufacturer based in China. This family business has been passed down for generations creating pure, luxurious silks that were everything they wanted. This silk is what Doyenne stands for, sophistication and beauty combined to create high-quality apparel.  Doyenne garments are sewn in China and their home studio in the heartland of the USA.

Here are a few pieces by

Doyenne the label

Silk Slip Dress in Bordeaux - Doyenne the Label

Silk Slip Dress in Bordeaux

You can never have too much of a good thing. This is a midi length dress with an easy fit and a slight v neckline.

100% silk • Adjustable straps • Midi length • Slight V Neck • Open upper back • Strapless bra friendly • Bias cut • Easy fit

Doyenne the Label - Silk Slip Skirt in Red Roses

Silk Slip Skirt in Red Roses

This is a 3/4 length skirt with an easy fit.

100% Silk • Hidden zipper on side • Sits at natural waist • Bias cut

Doyenne the Label - Lapis - Wrap Dress

Silk Wrap Dress in Lapis

A classic wrap dress that is timeless, and able to be worn dressed up or dressed down. This is a wrap, midi length dress with a full fabric skirt.

100% Silk • Midi length • Bra friendly • Wrap waistband • Full skirt • Short sleeve

Enjoy bringing the New Year in such classic, ethical beauty. I personally can’t wait.

information for this blog is sourced from Doyenne the Label website