5 Reasons to Use a Menstrual Cup Immediately

Have you tried a menstrual cup yet? Menstrual cups will seriously change your life. Menstrual cups collect your menstrual blood within the cup which is usually always made of silicone. I have been using menstrual cups for almost ten years now. I don't remember the last time I used a tampon or pad. When we use tampons which absorb the blood, they almost always contain toxic chemicals, pesticides, and ingredients that throw off the PH of your vagina. Guess where all those toxins go? You guessed it, our bodies. When we are menstruating, our vaginas are at the most vulnerable and absorb these toxins at a much more extraordinary rate. Our vagina is normally a self cleaning organism that can't keep up with the balance when toxins are being overloaded in the system every month. Please consult with a doctor to confirm this information.

Here is where we meet the menstrual cup, where it is reusable, which saves you money each month. Using a menstrual cup is also less waste every month. It is healthier for your body, and you never have to worry about toxic shock syndrome, which can be fatal. You have to dump and clean the cup after every use, and you can clean the menstrual cup after 12 hours. When washing your cup, please use vegetable based, fragrance-free organic soap that doesn't hurt the cup or your bodies.

I started with a Diva Cup, there weren't many options as there are now and though I liked it, I remember it was prone to leaks. I went on vacation during a random time of my cycle, and I got my period. I went to the store and picked up a collapsible one. That one didn't fit at all. Then I switched to a broader menstrual cup that fit so well. During a most recent move, I had misplaced my cup. It still is missing. But this gave me an opportunity to invest in Saalt Co. I had been following them for a while. Outside of their beautiful branding and their aesthetically amazing Instagram, their story caught my attention. Built into their business is a desire and action to bring period care to everyone who is in need. I say everyone here because not everyone that bleeds monthly identifies as a woman.

I purchased the cup about a week before the full moon, which is where my period starts. When I received the package, it was in this fantastic cylinder packaging and at the bottom of the tube was the cup, informational content and a storage bag. All very beautiful and descriptive. My only con to this packaging was the clear plastic at the top of the container. I know it is for obvious reasons, but it is plastic, which does not biodegrade within our lifetime.

While using the cup in their regular size, I felt like it fit perfect and I had no leaks what so ever. It was a win for me. I couldn't be more pleased. It was a bit wider than other brands I've used in the past making it a fit much better for me than others.

Here is a summary of the five reasons to use a MENSTRUAL cup now.

1. Healthier for your body - no toxic shock syndrome.

2. Better for the planet - reusable

3. You will save thousands of dollars in your lifetime if you switch to a menstrual cup.

4. Saalt Co. supports people who menstruate in need of menstrual products through donations and educational seminars.

5. Simple & easy to use - no need to constantly have multiple menstrual products on hand. You just need on for many years.

I honestly couldn't recommend Saalt Co. more. You can read about their vision, mission statement and more here.

With their partners, they empower people who menstruate in need by donating reusable period care products that provide long-term solutions, and by funding educational scholarships and life skills training. They understand that investing in generations is the fastest and most effective way of changing a community.

Providing menstrual care for people in need speaks to me and I genuinely believe in this philanthropy. Thanks to Saalt Co. we have partnered together to give away one Saalt Co. menstrual cup. Please enter to win this giveaway with the instructions on this Instagram post. U.S. Residents only, please.

Giveaway ends 3/5/19.

Let me know what you think of reusable menstrual products below! I hope you enjoy Saalt Co. as much as I do.

Photos are owned by Saalt Co.

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