10 Tips to Keep Your Halloween Fun & Eco-Friendly

10 Ways to Keep Your Halloween Fun & Eco-Friendly

10 Tips to Keep Your Halloween Fun & Eco-Friendly

Here are 10 ways to have a fun & eco-friendly Halloween without hiding from the kids in your neighborhood come October 31st.


I love Halloween. It isn’t the Halloween candy that gets me; it isn’t the Halloween costumes. It is the ghost stories I have a soft spot for. I love ghost stories. I have since I was a kid. I wrote off Halloween candy in my teen years, and I don’t really love dressing up, but I can get down with some organic Halloween sweets and a vintage Halloween costume. I am striving every year to be more and more eco-friendlier with Halloween. I hope you will too by following these ten ways to keep your Halloween fun & eco-friendly.

Let’s be honest Halloween along with other holidays are probably some of the most wasteful times of the year. I don’t want to say we can’t have fun and enjoy ourselves during these holidays, but I do want to put it out there that we can use our critical thinking skills to cut down on waste. You can cut unnecessary waste by 50% if you use these ten ways to have a more eco-friendly Halloween.

Here are ten ways to keep your Halloween fun & eco-friendly this year. Whether you are a kid at heart or have kids yourself, you can for sure get down with some of these organic, eco-friendly Halloween tips and tricks.

10 Ways to Keep Your Halloween Fun & Eco-Friendly

1. Buy your halloween costumes vintage or make them yourself

You can find some amazing things at your local thrift store to bring a Halloween costume together. You also can purchase handmade or vintage Halloween costumes off sites like Etsy. These pieces are available to be upcycled or a true to the thread vintage outfit. If I dress up for Halloween, I go for vintage. It is so much fun to feel like you are in a different era and channel that vibe.

If you have some sewing skills, you could design an amazing custom for you and your kids. Go for recycled textiles, and you are on your way to an eco-friendly Halloween. Also, if you are planning on donating a Halloween costume that you want to retire most thrift store items end up in the landfill. If you donate before Halloween, you’ll increase the chances your donation will get a second home.

2. want to get BLOODY this halloween?

Plan on being a vampire, zombie or monster for Halloween?  Make edible fake blood yourself. I don’t suggest getting the already packaged fake stuff. The ingredients are scary enough in the spirit of Halloween. You can make fake blood yourself and maybe even with the stuff you already have in your pantry or fridge. Use organic beet powder mixed with organic corn syrup. Standard liquid food colors will stain. Instead of artificial powder dyes, use organic beet powder or organic cherry juice. If you use organic cherry juice, use organic cornstarch instead of organic corn syrup to achieve the correct consistency.

You could dress up as an energy vampire this Halloween and use the holiday to spread the message on energy vampires.

3. Low-waste Halloween Decor Tips

Instead of the big old jack-o-lantern pumpkins, try buying some organic sugar pie pumpkins. After displaying, you can use the pumpkins for recipes and enjoy them as food!

Got to get your carve on to feel like it is Halloween? You can compost the carved pumpkin carcass and save the seeds for roasting. You can use pumpkin seeds, also known as pepitas, on salads, make pumpkin seed vegan cheese, save them for snacks.

If you have an organic garden and want to be adventurous, you can save some seeds to try and grow pumpkins for next fall.

To light up your pumpkin use your LED holiday lights (Rechargeable batteries are best for the environment.) and give them some use before the holiday this winter. Candles are still great too, and you can find non-aluminum wrapped organic beeswax candles from a local artisan or online.

You want to make sure you put your pumpkin in the compost bin before it starts to decompose. It will disintegrate fast once it starts. Make sure to avoid painted pumpkins too. All the chemicals and dyes can wreak havoc on the ecosystem of the compost.

I know convenience can take priory, but I strongly suggest to steer clear of cheap plastic Halloween decorations. These items can be cute and easy to grab yet harmful to our planet. I want to remind you that a lot of us have so many free, or already used materials around. Examples: sticks, dryer lint, newspaper, crafts you already have on hand. Get creative! You will enjoy that so much more than anything you can buy.

4. Switch up your kid's halloween candy bag from that plastic pumpkin to something reused

You can create new bags with a Halloween theme using pillowcases. This way you cut out the plastic and are reusing old material that would eventually land in the trash. You can also get creative and use an old purse to collect Halloween candy.

Using things, you already have on hand instead of buying a plastic pumpkin Halloween candy collector can help cut down unnecessary waste.

Yay! You’re on your way to an eco-friendlier Halloween.

5. Halloween Treats with an Eco-Friendly Twist

You can make fun, healthy Halloween party snacks such as Frankenstein avocado toast, pumpkin hummus, or melon brains. These treats are delicious and nutritious! But they won't satisfy your sweet craving.

Do you live in a cute small town or tight-knit neighborhood where everyone knows your name? Then it could be a good idea to get creative in the kitchen and make Halloween candy such as this vegan candy corn recipe.

I don’t know about you, but I grew up with parents freaking out and telling their kids to be careful of opened Halloween candy, homemade Halloween candy, or just about anything that isn’t in sealed packaging bought at stores. The horror stories ranged from acid candy to poisoned chocolate. So, homemade Halloween candy may end up in the trash. If you live in a small town and you know every parent in the neighborhood, you can probably send a little note with each hand out with a personalized message saying you made everything safely and name all the ingredients you used to keep kids protected from possible allergens.

Are you still really into the Halloween candy tradition? Here are some ideas to still keep things green:

  • When picking out candy for Halloween, choose candy that comes in cardboard boxes that are recyclable. You can send little notes asking for the boxes to please recycle when it the box is done with its life as a container. I couldn’t find any options that are organic and in boxes so I am leaving this chose up to you. I personally don’t want to support companies dosing children with chemicals and dyes.

  • Hand out Halloween candy like Black Forest Fruit Chews where you can upcycle the wrappers into cool crafts! The wrappers are similar to Starburst but are a way better option for kids.

  • The wrappers on Halloween candy and food are not usually accepted by recycling and end up in the trash. At a price, TerraCycle has a candy wrapper zero waste box. This price is a bit steep, and for families, it can be too much to afford. Instead, try reaching out to a local store, coffee houses, eco-friendly establishments and see if they are interested in having a box in their store until it is full. When you sign up for my newsletter below, I have attached a template email you can send out to your fellow like-minded local companies to ask them if they would purchase a box. It is worth a try! You may not hear back from them, but at least you planted a seed for recycling in the future.

Love the tradition of trick-or-treating but don’t enjoy having all the Halloween candy laying around. A lot of temptation. You can use that candy to bake treats for other holidays coming up or take part in the Halloween Candy Buyback program to support our troops.

6. Go on a walk this Halloween instead of going to the bar – this one is for the kidless adults

Don’t be a creep and follow the kids around as they collect their Halloween Candy but join your friends who have kids or go to a park. I know it is tempting just to get wasted on another Halloween with friends but maybe try something that leaves you sober and without a headache for November 1st. By not going to the bar you won't be wasting bottles or cups, eating candy with wrappers and feeling like crap the next day.

7. Give Out halloween Organic Treats

Most of these organic Halloween treats are still in plastic. It is a huge bummer. But, it does mean you are giving away Halloween candy that is better for kids than your average Halloween candy selection. Check out YumEarth’s Halloween gummies, & hard candies.

Enjoy Life even makes vegan Halloween rice milk chocolate. I like to stick to vegan Halloween candy to hand out. I know it is safe, allergen-friendly, and animal product free.

8. Find halloween Treats in biodegradable packaging

I haven’t had any luck myself finding a company that sells Halloween candy in a biodegradable packaging that is safe for the environment. If you make your candy for a Halloween party, you can wrap your candy in rice paper or another biodegradable, covering. These more eco-friendly choices add a nice touch to your Halloween treat.

9. Donate your Halloween costume

If you have old Halloween costumes, you’ll never wear again donate them to pre-schools or schools that have a dress-up box. I bet any kid would love some new dress up material so reach out and I’m sure you’ll get them off your hands in no time.

10. Reuse old halloween decorations or buy them only from thrift stores

Reuse, recycle, repurpose. If a Halloween decoration breaks and isn’t repairable, try and find something like it at your nearest thrift store.

Make your Halloween decorations with what you have on hand! You would be surprised by what you can find in your craft drawer or closet.

I hope you enjoy these eco-friendly Halloween tips and tricks! Please send a little love and let me know in the comments your favorite ways to cut down on waste during Halloween or what you are dressing up as for halloween.